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As the premier Aurora florist, our boutique stands as a beacon of natural beauty and heartfelt craftsmanship in the Town of Aurora. With Love Decor & Flowers is more than just a purveyor of flowers; we are custodians of emotion, each floral arrangement carefully arranged to convey sentiments of love, joy, and sympathy. With a deep-rooted passion for floral artistry, we specialize in curating arrangements that speak volumes without uttering a word.

Step into our enchanting boutique, where the fragrant aroma of fresh blooms greets you at the door, and vibrant colors dance in harmony. From elegant bouquets adorning wedding altars to delicate posies brightening hospital rooms, our floral creations are as diverse as the occasions they grace. Every stem tells a story, meticulously chosen and expertly arranged to capture the essence of the moment.

As proud members of the Aurora community, we cherish the opportunity to be a part of life's most precious moments. Whether you seek a token of affection for a loved one or a centerpiece for a grand event, Aurora Florist is committed to exceeding your expectations. With a blend of creativity, expertise, and genuine care, we invite you to experience the magic of flowers with us.

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    Browse Our Collection of diverse selection of hand-wrapped bouquets and bespoke arrangements on our website or visit our store in Aurora, Ontario. Discover a variety of floral styles, from classic elegance to modern chic.

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    Select Your Favourite arrangement that suits your occasion and preferences. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or sending a gesture of sympathy, With Love Decor & Flowers offers a range of options to express your sentiments.

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    Customise Your Order with optional add-ons such as chocolates, balloons, or a heartfelt message card. Let us know if you have any special requests or specific flower preferences, and we'll tailor your order to perfection.

  • Step #4

    Provide Delivery Details like recipient's address and preferred delivery date during checkout. With Love Decor & Flowers offers reliable delivery services to Aurora and surrounding areas, ensuring your flowers arrive fresh and on time to brighten their day.

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    Complete Your Order. Review your order details and proceed to secure payment. Sit back and relax as our expert florists handcraft your arrangement With Love and attention to detail. Once ready, your beautiful flowers will be delivered to your chosen destination, ready to delight and enchant.

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Aurora Flower Delivery FAQs

Who We Are

At With Love Decor & Flowers, nestled in Aurora, Ontario, we are artisans of memorable moments, honing our craft for over 15 years. More than a flower shop, we are a family run business specialising in handcrafted bouquets and arrangements that speak to your emotions and aspirations. With meticulous attention and boundless creativity, we curate floral compositions to elevate every occasion. From consultations to final touches, our personalised service ensures your vision blossoms beautifully. Learn more in our About Us page!

What We Do

As a florist in Aurora, we elevate floral artistry with rare European and Asian wrapping styles, a unique offering in the area. We specialize in crafting hand-wrapped bouquets and bespoke arrangements that transcend the ordinary. Each creation is meticulously designed to capture the essence of your occasion, infusing it with beauty and sophistication.

From elegant simplicity to lavish opulence, our floral masterpieces are tailored to your individual taste and style. Experience the magic of With Love Decor & Flowers, where European and Asian flair meet Aurora, Ontario charm, creating moments that are as unique as they are unforgettable.

How We Do It

Our approach to crafting exquisite floral arrangements is rooted in a deep appreciation for beauty and creativity. Our skilled Aurora florists meticulously select the finest blooms, drawing inspiration from both traditional and trending styles.

We infuse each creation with passion and attention to detail, ensuring that every bouquet tells a unique story. Our personalized consultations are available to allow for us to understand your vision, while our dedication to excellence ensures that every arrangement exceeds your expectations.

Using innovative techniques and a commitment to quality, we transform fresh flowers into breathtaking works of art, delivering moments of joy and wonder with every hand-wrapped masterpiece. Trust With Love Decor & Flowers to bring your floral dreams to life, one exquisite arrangement at a time.

Most importantly, we do it With Love!

Why We Do It

At With Love Decor & Flowers, our passion for crafting exquisite floral arrangements stems from a deep-seated belief in the power of beauty and love and their ability to enrich lives. We understand the significance of special moments and the emotions they evoke. That's why we're committed to creating floral masterpieces that not only exceed expectations but also leave a lasting impression of love and joy.

With each hand-wrapped bouquet and bespoke arrangement, we strive to bring happiness and inspiration to our customers, enriching their lives with the timeless charm of flowers. Our dedication to excellence and creativity drives us to continuously push the boundaries of floral artistry, ensuring that every With Love Decor & Flowers creation is a true expression of heartfelt sentiment and beauty.

Why Us

Choose us because, just like our name suggests, we infuse every arrangement With Love. Our commitment to crafting exquisite floral creations goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's about capturing the essence of your emotions and celebrations. With meticulous attention to detail and a genuine passion for our craft, we create arrangements that resonate with love and care. Trust With Love Decor & Flowers to bring warmth, beauty, and heartfelt sentiment to every special moment in your life.